🚀Vision, Mission & Focus

“There is only one answer to defeat, and that is victory” Winston Churchill

Our Vision

We, as the team of Dawn of Victory, strongly believe in the future of NFT games. We think players should have the True Ownership of their In-Game Assets. We believe the WAX Ecosystem is the most suitable to host the Dawn of Victory game. The WAX decentralized blockchain is Fast and Efficient, allowing very cost effective operations. The WAX market is very active with easy to use platforms.

Our Vision for the Future is to develop a Play to Earn Game that interest Financiers, Gamers and Collectors. The Strategic depth and the Economic Model that favors the Creation of Wealth, are our main arguments.

As part of the DOV Team's Vision, we work hard to bring the "Earn part of Play" to "Earn". Demonstrating a possible long-term earnings expectation is the ultimate goal of our work.

We develop a Functional and Efficient Tool for the Comfort of our Shareholders and Users.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an adaptable and profitable economic model for the play to earn community. To do so, we present an Ecosystem with a structure of Production, Scarcity and intense Consumption. The modeling of our economic system allows us to demonstrate How to Create Wealth on a Play to earn by avoiding the Ponzi trap. We use the existing tools of Central Banks to promote Structural Inflation and regulate Prices.

We want to be part of the Revolution in the Video Game Industry.

We aim to create more than a playing card game. It will be a unique and rewarding eco-system, where both players and investors will benefit.

We also are convinced that a fair gaming environment should be the priority for most of NFT games. That way, multi-account and botting will be actively tracked.


We have been working for months on the modeling and demonstration of an expectation of gains for all our economic agents.

60% of our resources are allocated to the study and economic analysis to adapt efficient mechanisms to the resolution engine of our smart contracts.

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