Utilities Tokens

The producers produce 4 resources thanks to 4 different types of buildings

The resources are as follows:

  • DOV H : Health

  • DOV F : Fuel

  • DOV R : Repair

  • DOV S : Supply

Production Factories

Each resource is produced in a dedicated building

You will find the details of the different buildings in the NFT cards Production Collection section


In order to produce the 4 resources that the fighters need, you have to stake 4 buildings (one per resource) Every 6 hours, you can to claim the tokens produced. To recover the produced resource, you have to pay a production cost (2 additional resource tokens). Note : As soon as the PVE campaign starts, an additional cost in DOVX will be set up to recover what your building has produced.

The account just below has an almost balanced production line

The production of DOVH, DOVS and DOVF tokens is identical:

  • 73.2 DOVH produced for a cost of 3.66 DOVF and DOVS

  • 73.2 DOVS produced for a cost of 3.66 DOVR and DOVH

  • 73.2 DOVF produced at a cost of 3.66 DOVR and DOVS

The repair building produce slightly more: 97.2 DOVR for a cost of 4.86 DOVF and 4.86 DOVH

If you don't have enough to make up a whole line, you can still produce! You can have an unbalanced production. You will simply have to buy resource tokens to be able to recover your production

This account has only two production buildings (supply and fuel). To be able to recover the produced tokens, it is necessary to regularly supply this account with missing resource tokens.


To use your resource tokens, you will have to use the Exchange part to deposit them in the game. Your tokens must be visible in the interface.

In this account, you can see that there are 200 DOVX, 500 DOVF, 500 DOVH, 500 DOVS and 500 DOVR in game

Noted in the top banner and also in the balance of the withdraw section

On this same account, you can see that there are 448,2243 DOVX that are not in game

Noted in the balance of the Deposit section

How to transfer Resource Tokens into the Game ?

On this account, the production line is out of balance

There is a need to add DOVS resource tokens

We will see how transfer DOV S resource tokens into the game


The withdraw part is displayed and you can see the tokens in game

Click on the DEPOSIT part

You can see that on this account, there are 14493.6 DOVS that are not in play (they have either been purchased or have been transferred from another production line)

Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the game

Here we enter the total amount & Click on the DEPOSIT button

Come back to the WITHDRAW part

We can see in the balance and in the top banner that we have the DOVS resource tokens in the game

How to claim your tokens ?

When the count is over, you will be able to claim the produced tokens (only if you can pay the production costs)

You just have to click on the COLLECT button

When you have claimed your tokens, the counter starts again

Note : this account has a 24h clock tool (see My Assets - Tools)

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