This images come from the alpha of the game

My Divisions

The campaign has 5 terrains:

  • Beach

  • Forest

  • Hill

  • Plain

  • City

Each terrain is composed of several zones (beach1, beach2, beach3 & bunker for the Beach terrain)

To move from one zone to another, you have to reach the set objectives (4 wins to unlock next zone in alpha - 12 wins to unlock the next zone in beta)

Fighting Rules

Minimum power of Division

Depending on the power of your division, the resolution of your battle will be: Victory, Draw, Defeat To go from Defeat to Draw, you must strengthen your division by adding fighter cards.

Special areas

In some combat zones, in addition to the required power, you will need to have specific cards within your division


In zone 4 of the "beach" terrain, you will have the bunker to destroy.

To win this fight, you must have, in addition to the minimum power required

  • an engineer epic card (1 star minimum)

  • a common officer card (4 stars minimum)

Create a Division

You need an Officer and Fighter cards

1 - Select an open zone

2 - Select a Division then develop its composition

You can create 3 divisions per account

HeadQuarters Slots

  • Officers : Gives a DOV-X Victory Bonus

  • Support : Gives a Power Bonus to the Division

  • Tactic : Gives you Access to the City Zone

  • Godmother : Gives a DOV-X bonus

Line 1 Slots : 4 fighter cards

Line 2 Slots : 4 fighter cards

3 - After choosing your officer and your fighter card(s), click on the SAVE DIVISION button

4 - You can now see the power of your division and the resolution of the fight

If you want to edit the division, just click on the EDIT button

Fight Panel

Just click on Fight, in the My Division section (in the left menu)

This panel appears with the following information

Left part

  • Cost of the fight (in token utilities DOV F - DOV H - DOV S - DOV R)

  • The number of fights needed to unlock the next area

  • The amount earned in DOVX from a fight

Central Part

  • Division Power

  • Authorized Combat (or not)

  • Resolution of the fight (Victory - Draw - Defeat)

Right part

  • The number of your victories in the area

Orange part on the right (modified according to your actions)

  • fight button

  • fight duration

  • claim button

To fight, just click on the orange FIGHT button on the far right

The fight counter appears

At the end of the counter, you need to click on the claim button

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