Gameplay Overview

The images below are from the interface of the alpha and the beta (production) of the game

Dawn of Victory allows you to be either a fighter or a producer. You can also be both: it's up to you to determine your strategy (depending on your objectives and your possibilities)

Game Interface

Top banner / Token Counter : you can see the tokens you have in game

Menu on the left

  • your avatar

  • your account name

  • Theater of War : PVE (to come) / PVP in Alpha

  • My Divisions : for fighters

  • War Buildings : for producers

  • My Assets

  • Missions

  • Hall of Fame


This image comes from the alpha of the game

Click on your avatar to choose the one you want to use

It is not possible to create a custom avatar

My Divisions

This image comes from the alpha of the game

See the Fighters Section for more details

War Buildings

This image comes from the beta of the game

See the Producers Section for more details

My Assets

  • Craft : Craft New Fighters or Producer Cards

  • Tools

You can use various tools in the game

Here, this account uses a 24h clock which allows you to get the production tokens every 24h instead of 6h

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