Dawn Of Victory


"There is only one answer to defeat, and that is victory" Winston Churchill
DAWN OF VICTORY is the first ever blockchain based NFT collecting cards game about WWII.
We need you!
D-Day is near, participate in the war effort.
Supply stocks are empty.
Become an Owner and earn passive income on the added value of production.
Become a Producer and sell your resources tokens to armed divisions
Become a Fighter, win fights and sell your tokens to producers
For new team members, this space will be helpful during your first days with the team, to better learn about who we are and how we work.
For long-time team members, this space will act as a reminder and allow you to find answers about admin and policies etc.
How to use it?
This space is designed to be read linearly, so start with our Vision, Mission & Focus and work down from there!
We recommend reading everything through in one sitting and then revisiting and re-reading if you need to.
If you want to contribute changes, start a new change request and submit it for review. We'll look at it quickly!